Entry Form for Surrey Youth Championships.  If you are writing on a paper print then please write clearly.

1. First Name*  …………………………………

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3. Male / Female (select as applicable)*

4. Please submit entries separately per event (you may enter multiple events but one at a time):
Entry Form Issue 17Sep2017
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(then post the print with your cheque)           no staples please
Please only use this direct link to the payment page if youhave previously submitted your entry data and need to revisit
Before pressing "submit" please print this page (May need page setup -> A4) then post with cheque to: 
​Ian de Whalley, 7 Auriol Park Road, Worcester Park, Surrey, KT4 7DP
15. Payment: Further details will be shown after you press the grey button below but as a guide, it's £15 for 1st event.
  Closing date is last post Friday 26th Jan.   Click here for info re late entries.

Thank you for your entry to this competition. After printing out a paper copy to post then please press "SUBMIT..." below.  
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If in doubt try again (so long as the name is the same we will cope!).
13. Signature of parent /guardian to be added to printed copy to accompany cheque……………………….....................……
(if parent/guardian will not be staying with the fencer then please assign a responsible adult).

14. If you have any message / notes / comments for the organiser then enter them here
U19=born in 1999-2001; U16=born in 2002 or 2003; U14=born in 2004 or 2005;  
U12=born in 2006-2007, U10 2008-2010. Note that events may be combined at organisers discretion.

12. Seeding Information. Please state your previous best results. List best results first. If this is your first competition 
then please state for how long you have been fencing.State any cadet / junior / senior national ranking.
State Year, Event & weapon, Position/Rank

8. Phone 1*

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7. Postal address (optional if you give an email and phone number. We cannot guarentee data security).

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5. Club?*

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6. Email: (please cut / paste from known working address to avoid errors):*
if you do not have an email or chose not to enter one then please type "none". Email policy available on request. 
U10/12/14 foil & epee entries now closed.  
U16/U19 further entries still welcome
All sabre entries still welcome
Foil Epee Sabre