Hopefully you've reached this page because you've qualified via South East Region BYC Epee/Sabre for the National finals.
   If not then click here for the SCFU homepage or SE Region Homepage

To pay for your finals entry, here are three options, with some blurb on cons & pros:

1) Post your paper print of the entry with a paper cheque to:
     Jon Milner, 43, Circle Gardens, Merton Park, SW19 3JX
        Cheque for £18 entry to the qualifier, payable "Surrey County Fencing Union"  please write this out in full
             Please check that your cheque is signed / dated etc.
[In anticipation of  qualification, you might also consider giving the fencer a second identical cheque to use if succesful.]

      This method works well if the printed entry form is sent with the cheque but backfires if the cheque bounces
      or if the cheque is sent on it's own with no contact details etc so we cannot find out who it it for.
      This method is clearest from a governance viewpoint (crossed cheque only payable to ...)
2) Shopping Basket Method.  We have to pay a fee, hence £18.85 price.
   You do not have to have a PayPal account - you can choose to Checkout directly by  card if you prefer. 
   Click the "Buy This" button below.   Please be careful to watch out for the place to add buyers notes stating who the
    payment is for (ie which club/team).  This may be via a small link under "delivery address" (very easily missed .. the
   box for the message does not appear until you click the little link).
3) Debit card money transfer.
   Please only use this method if you have a PayPal account linked to a Debit card or bank account (not a credit card)
   (It's possible to avoid the PayPal fee but few people manage it!)
           If credit card just use shopping basket method (2) above
   The PayPal website might vary from time time but the sequence below might help as hints...
       first go to www.PayPal.com, login
​       Send (at the top)
      "Send Them Money" (left hand blue button, ie it's for a friend or family - if not OK with this then use options 1 or 2 above)            enter Ian de Whalley's fencing email address (it starts idewfencing - if you cannot find it then see website here)
        enter £18.00 for debit cards (if you realise it's a credit card then stop and use shopping basket method above)
​       Continue
       Enter buyers note to seller with the fencers name

   Regardless whether you pay by Checkout/Card or your PayPal, the destination will be SCFU's PayPal account, which is   
   administered by Ian de Whalley.  The money is transferred from there to a specific HSBC sub-account administered
   by the treasurer / committee with muti-signatures for withdrawals.   Until it reaches that Bank account, this is like
   paying cash via Ian de Whalley.   Governance is weaker but both sender and recipient get an email trail and the
   treasurer will get the records.     The sender of the money takes all the risk of paying to the wrong person (so enter
   that email address carefully!).
If you forget to enter the fencers name in the buyers comment (or miss that box) then please send an email to both Jon Milner and Ian de Whalley, connecting the PayPal email/name to the club/team name. 
If you need email addresses see website here).