The current UK rules are available from this BFA webpage (click here).        Particularly useful section

also these quick "offence" notes might help.

See also the refereeing notes on the "Misc Notes" page and also a better update on the Leon Paul website:

FIE rules

US Wheelchair Fencing Rules (site also links to various useful info)

Youth age datelines

Blade Sizes

Scoring rules when time runs out.  Click here for an extract from the rules (non -maintained-check current rules for latest).

Foil Mask Bibs
Surrey events allowing size 5 blades: From Sept 2010 bib target required per this link: click here
Surrey events allowing not allowing size 5 blades: bit target optional (no current plan to mandate it). 

Transparent Visor Masks: At all weapons, no visor masks are allowed.

Masks must be retained securely on the head.  See this note on the BF website.

Chest Protectors: Should be worn by all Girls / Women.  Boys/Men might note that male versions are also available.

Breeches and plastrons are mandatory for competition fencing (see specific event details for required rating, 350N or 800N).

History regarding equipment regulation evolution 2001-2006 (why certain older equipment is not allowed): click here

In all cases, information from this web page has lower priority than the rules applied by particular organisers at particular events.
Fencing Rules
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